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Committed to Empowering, Transforming and Liberating the Cleaning World at Work!

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It's with great excitement and promise that we gratefully announce the consolidation of our current family of brands (Sandia Products, Mercury Floor Machines, Ultimate Solutions Consumables, Fast Cleaning Technologies and SMT) now aligned, re-born and re-branded as Ultimate Solutions or "US"! We are now your worldwide vertically-integrated "nurturing companion" dedicated to empowering, transforming and liberating your cleaning world at work. Ultimate Solutions is currently celebrating our Championship Team's unmatched ability to "surprise and delight" you locally, while sourcing globally from our own worldwide factories.

We are now strategically positioned as an innovative leader with unmatched expertise and global resources including several new and exciting national and international acquisitions giving US the ability to "WOW" you like never before! Find out more about our "Unconditional Support" and our game changing innovations, such as the i-mop, only available to you with US. We also have some of the world's most dynamic value-added cleaning concepts/solutions tailored to your advantage through our unique Private Label Program! Ask US how our global vertically-integrated advantage gives you the ability to be empowered, transformed and liberated like never before!

By partnering with US, you will be nurtured by one of the world's most competitive companions producing some of the most unique and highest quality, value-added solutions available today.

We are committed to creating a unique, unmatched client experience for you with "Unconditional Support" that is defined by one word – "WOW"!

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Gratefully yours,
William P. Allen

Sandia Products has been manufacturing innovative, high-quality carpet cleaning equipment and accessories since 1996. Based in Huntington Beach, California, our machines are assembled by a team of professionals on-site and are inspected and tested for the highest quality. We are proud to announce that our machines are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Ultimate Solutions, Inc. is your source for the complete range of janitorial cleaning and odor control chemicals and supplies. Our product line is continuously growing and includes odor control sprays, non-para and para-based products, screens, odor control liquids, powders, hand soaps, pest control, dispensers and much more!