ACE 10-Quart Backpack Vacuum
ACE 10-Quart Backpack Vacuum
A powerful, lightweight and portable vacuum. 10-quart capacity with a disposable micro-bag mounted inside a cloth shakeout bag. 1.75 HP,
2-stage motor with 150 CFM airflow. Super quiet design at 70 dBA. Quick conversion to a blower!
88-8888 10-Quart Dry Capacity, 1.75 HP Motor, 150 CFM
88-8888 BAG Disposable Replacement Bags (10 pack)

Storm Wet/Dry Vacs
Storm Wet/Dry Vacuums
Wet or dry pickup with poly or chromed steel tank. The Storm has powerful dual 2.67 HP / 2000 Watt vacuum motors with 225 CFM and 78" water lift. Choose from 20-gallon super-durable poly or chromed steel tanks. Includes 10-foot vacuum hose, steel "S" wand and 4-piece tool kit. Order the optional 25.5" vacuum squeegee assembly.
WVC-20 20-Gallon Dry Capacity, 15-Gallon Wet Capacity, (2) 2.67 HP Motors, Chromed Steel Tank
WVP-20 20-Gallon Dry Capacity, 15-Gallon Wet Capacity, (2) 2.67 HP Motors, Poly Tank
WVS-20 Optional 25.5" Vacuum Squeegee Assembly

TV-66 Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
TV-66 Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
Powerful wet or dry vacuum pickup. 6.6-gallon capacity with 1.75 HP motor. Highest airflow vacuum that picks up the heaviest and wettest soils!
TV-66 6.6-Gallon Dry Capacity, 3.1-Gallon Wet Capacity, 1.75 HP Motor